Feeling tired

Doing an everyday exercise I noticed that the same problem comes very often. I wake up usually tired and when it is the day I don’t go to the part time job I sleep long. My day is less effective and I feel guilty that I didn’t work enough to develop my business. I tried to change thinking about it as I am taking care of myself with longer sleep. But it doesn’t give me the result I want. MY models look like this:

C: I woke up after 10am
T: I didn’t do enough work on my business
F: guilty, discouraged
A: planning next free day different
R: not following the plan most of the time because I choose to sleep longer

C: I woke up after 10 am
T: My body needs this sleep so I take care of myself
F: Calm, rested
A: less action on the business
R: slow result

Weather I am doing something wrong or not know how to look at it. I was also thinking to put feeling tired in the morning as C but is it C, F or R?
Please help me with this. I my confused.