feeling uncomfortable

My best friend and I got together last night and chatted about a number of things. We have quite a few mutual friends and he kept telling me stories about how he had talked about me with other friends of ours.

One story Doug told me was that he met up with our other friend, Cat, and told her some things about my life. Doug then proceeded to tell me Cat’s opinion about my choices. I had asked Cat her opinion about this exact circumstance not even a week earlier, but didn’t get the same answer Doug got. She told us different things. I’m annoyed!

I’m annoyed for two reasons. One being that Doug thinks it’s appropriate to talk about me and my life to other people. I also am annoyed that Cat is saying two different things.

I’m making all of this mean that none of these people..Doug, Cat, or other friends he talks to about me, are my real “friends”.

I understand it’s possibly a manual for me to expect other people to not talk about me, but it’s feeling more like a boundary. I don’t like gossip. I don’t talk about other people and I expect my friends to not gossip about me. When I say things to friends, I assume it will stay between us unless otherwise noted.

I can’t stop thinking about all the negative things people are out there saying behind my back. It makes me want to change the C by no longer opening up about my life to friends or anyone at all.

Some of his stories felt like a bad game of telephone. He was telling people I said things that I 100% never said!

I clearly have a ton of thoughts about all this! Hard to reign them in.