Feeling undeserving

Hi there,
I have been struggling a lot with feeling like I have achieved my goal of signing 5 new clients and making 5k ahead of time. I have so much resistance to sitting down to do this & keep telling myself I don’t know how…

I asked myself this question today: Why can’t I get into an abundance mindset?
And this thought was instant & strong: Because I don’t feel like I deserve it.

Because I’m no better than anyone else
I’m not trying hard enough

Perhaps it’s ultimately because I think I’m not enough…?

C – Making money as a coach
T – I don’t feel like I deserve it
F – Lack /unworthy
A – Resist visualizing & getting to the place of feeling like I have it, don’t fully show up, hold back, half ass things, take minimum action to fill up days, tell myself I don’t know what to do or how to do it, don’t spent much time actively believing, self-sabotage
R – I don’t create money & further prove my thought to myself

Can you please show me where I can do my work, what to ask myself & focus on in order to create an abundance mindset, in order to change this way of thinking/feeling/being?