Feeling uneasy about consult with potential client

I’ve been soliciting business by sending out cold emails. One prospect got back to me saying they were interested and wanted to schedule a 30-min zoom meeting with them and another senior member of their marketing team to talk more. That’s taking place tomorrow.

As a freelance writer, I very rarely do these types of calls, and have never had a prospect ask for a video call. Everything is usually just done over email. So, I’m uneasy because I’m thinking:

“A 30 minute video call with 2 other people seems like a long time”
“This seems a little intense for a discovery call because there’s video and 2 senior members attending.”
“I don’t know what we’re going to talk about”
“I’m worried they want me to do more than write blog posts for them if they’re making it a point to do a video call” (and if that’s true, I’m not sure I can deliver what they need)
“I don’t know what their needs are or what they want”

Then I have questions like: Am I supposed to direct the meeting? Should they? What would that even look like?

And compounding my unease is that I don’t even know what to charge them for the work I typically do. I’ve been considering raising my prices, but I’m not sure the value is there to justify it or that they’d be able to afford it. So, I haven’t decided whether it’s better to stick with my old rate or try my new one.

How can I untangle this so that I’m comfortable and confident tomorrow?