Feeling upset

I am feeling upset about something and am having the urge to figure out why and to take some action.
I am separated and have two children, live in the house that our family used to live in.
There is a handy person who has helped me over the past year. He used to charge $30/hour, which was higher than the other option, but he was a bit more available and I liked him.
Recently he picked up clients across the street from me and down the street from me.
The other day he gave me my bill and I was surprised how high it was. I asked if he could run the numbers with me. When we went over them, it turns out he increased his rate to $50/hour without telling me.
I don’t feel good about this in a couple of ways.
1. It is harder for me to pay for this, nearly double price.
2. He started charging me this without telling me.
3. He has gotten more business from working with me.
4. I think one of my neighbors told him he should charge more – and they both have partners who are working and making the vast majority of their money. I don’t have that.

So far, I just paid him. He told me we could set up a payment plan if needed. I was friendly and thanked him and said he is great.
A friend suggested I could ask him to honor the price he quoted me.
I’m thinking I should do that or just find someone else, but I’m a little worried I will find someone I can afford and my neighbors will do the same thing.

I’m feeling stuck and frustrated.