Feeling victimized by my decisions

I’ve noticed a pattern that is contributing to decision debt in my life. Can you help me with these models?

UM #1

C: I have made a decision
T: I want to keep my options open
F: trapped
A: look for evidence that I am a victim of the decision that I have made; indulge in confusion; second guess my decision; buffer with research and passive action; don’t act on my decision; resist discomfort; don’t accept 50/50
R: I unconsciously decide to close all options

UM #2

C: I have made a decision
T: My decisions don’t stick
F: wishy-washy
A: don’t act on decisions; don’t have my own back when I make a decision; procrastinate; buffer
R: I don’t stick with myself


C: I have made a decision
T: ?
F: decisive
A: act on my decisions; look for evidence that there is no “right” decision; look for evidence that I can be happy with this decision; don’t indulge in confusion; don’t buffer; allow urges; allow discomfort; accept 50/50
R: ?