Feeling Wealthy

I’ve been in scholars for 9 months and this month arrived for me at the perfect time (of course!). I’m working on healing my relationship with money right now. We’ve been on a debt free journey for 25 months and while I’m excited to be debt free in the coming months, I also have noticed how scarce and uptight and fearful my mindset is as a result of my thoughts about debt, saving, spending, budgeting, ect.

Every single day this month I’m focusing on how wealthy feels for me. When I started it was a completely foreign idea that my mind and body just rejected. But slowly, over the last 12 days it’s started to evolve. My brain is being creative and curious and there’s all this space to start generating the feeling of wealthy. It’s truly TRULY amazing and such a gift for myself to begin shifting a life long scarce and negative money paradigm into something so amazing and positive. It feels so GOOD.

I didn’t know when I started SCS how much my thoughts about money were negatively impacting my life, but this is by far the most powerful work I’ve done so far. Thank you isn’t enough, but THANK YOU.