Feeling with unknown thought

I am having a feeling and having a hard time nailing down the thought that is causing the feeling.
There were feelings expressed on a list serve I’m part of. I was not a part of the discussion, though I had thoughts and feelings on the topic of support for both parties in the misunderstanding/hurt feelings.
Then a 3rd party – thought leader in the group – involved me by providing an example of different people having different experiences. This person described a meeting I was involved in saying that they didn’t get “anything” out of the part I was involved in. However, they found the other part extremely useful and they were already putting that part into practice, but (repeated) that there wasn’t anything they could put into practice from the part I was involved in.
Upon reading this, I felt a lot of discomfort, a bit attacked, a bit put down, a bit fearful that this person is trying to put me down and risk for being involved in the future. I also asked myself why she would do this.
Some thoughts or potential thoughts: She is trying to harm me. She doesn’t like me. She is involving me unnecessarily. The correlation she is making isn’t even the same. The other person said something was repetitive, not that there wasn’t “anything” of any use in it. I don’t like this. I don’t want this. What can I do about this? Should I leave the group? Should I say something? This doesn’t feel good to me.

It seemed like a really strong feeling I had. Still, I’m not sure any of the thoughts are accurate.
So if it’s just a feeling. I am supposed to let it pass? To feel it in my body? Am I supposed to not take actions based on that feeling? Is there such a thing of over-action or under-action?