Feelings about a friend

I am in a small group of female entrepreneurs who meet regularly via Zoom to share our challenges and successes in our businesses. I have shared about my work as a life coach (as I am the only one) and have shared a lot of value with the ladies supporting them in various things when it comes to mindset.

Recently, I noticed one of the ladies posted 2 videos on social media talking about thought work doesn’t work, it’s not useful and that her work about sensuality and embodiment and manifestation is better and what’s needed instead. I was a little surprised by this. I love embodiment work and sensuality, but was just surprised to hear her publicly talking about thought work like this. I commented on one of her videos offering information about some of the things I think are misunderstandings about thought work and the benefits of it and how it works. She messaged me that she wasn’t trying to discredit my work, but that she doesn’t think everything I said is true.

My thoughts are that she is speaking negatively about my work, that she is wrong about my work, that it’s hurtful that as a friend she doesn’t respect my work and would so publicly talk down about it. I know I could see it as neutral, and I also know that I could accept that not everyone will resonate with this work, friends included, but I guess I’m curious about the best way to handle this conversation with her. I don’t want to bottle it up and resolve it on my own without talking about it to her.