I am finally getting it…I have been a massive control junkie trying to change circumstances – or my understanding of circumstances- in order to make the pain go away

But I am getting it…our job is to accept all feelings and accept that things do/can suck.. a LOT. People are not always kind and sometimes they are cruel/ Things do not always work out as we wish. Life is not always la la lovely. Life is…life.

I am now practicing acceptance…eg this sucks, yep this sucks… without trying to change things at that point because really at that point i am just tryng to control things i cannot control

i am so glad i have SCS
i am hoping i go the next level with coaching…

and guess what…i am now ready to move to my f-in awesome home in las vegas… it is so beautiful…expansive…calming…rejuvenating…the pool remodel and back yard is almost done…a place i wish to create, to love, to do service, to make a great contribution…to vibrate at my best self…i will admit that i have created an environment here where i will not get triggered so often…i think that is a good thing and possibly that has always been the right thing for me…i always stepped inside the lions den to fight the fight…maybe that wasnt so necessary

ok thanks