Feelings before thoughts…

Hi there.
I keep coming across research that states that feelings come before thoughts. Soooo much research. I have a client who is a therapist and she reiterated back to me that our model, a top-down model, is an outdated model that used to be the gold standard of CBT, but that the new research proves that in many cases when trauma or any outside stimulus is involved we have the feeling before the thought. You hear a loud bang and you jump before you even think, “Oh, that was a car backfiring.”
There is an area of my life where the coaching has not been working and I have been slowly realizing it is because I am dealing with trauma and you have to heal trauma in the body, not the mind.
I am curious to know how to reconcile this with coaching, though. Is there ever going to be any recognition from the Life Coach School that the model only works with certain cases and not all cases as we were taught?
I would love for there to be some acknowledgment that this thing we were taught is a top-down model but that the bottom-up models are what we use when dealing with trauma or outside stimulus.
Thank you