Feelings in TDLs?

Hi Brooke! Thanks so much for creating and supporting us through SCS – I’m on day 38 and already feeling so differently than before! I am so, so grateful for you and your team!

I noticed in one of the other responses this month you said that TDLs should be line-by-line thoughts vs. stream-of-consciousness or a journal (I had been doing them the other way). Now, in adjusting, I’m noticing that I’m coming up with thoughts, but I’m also sometimes surfacing feelings and circumstances. Is that okay or should I be trying to clean up my TDLs to exclusively thoughts? When I do jot a feeling, I write it and then dig in to find the thoughts afterward, but I don’t want to build a bad habit! Just wanted to check if it was TDL vs. TFDL for a reason? 🙂

Thanks again!!