Feelings in the body

Hi there-enjoying all of the scholars work and the podcasts immensely, so thank you! My question is about feelings and emotions that are felt in the body. I am a licensed social worker, yoga teacher, and just completed a coach training. I have studied a great deal in these fields about how emotional and physical trauma can manifest in bodily symptoms, sometimes stretching over the course of years. I see how we can use the model to work through the thoughts and feelings causing the ongoing suffering in the mind and body, but am a little stumped by applying it right after a traumatic event occurs, like a death or accident. In my experience, we often feel things very intensely in the body (like a figurative punch to the gut, emptyness, or an exaggerated startle response) that are biologic, sometimes primitive experiences that happen without conscious thought. Then with time, the thoughts creep in and cycles of pain, despair, etc continue along with those same bodily responses. Any experience with using the model to address this or other thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!