Feelings List…

Wow..Hi Brooke, I have been to both of the Modelthons and they were beyond amazing and working on seeing you again in October. I had accomplished so much having you as my Life Coach and could not have imagined how much SCS has changed my life even more. I’m one of your SCS/VIP’s that read your book seven years ago and lost 67 lbs in 6 months after being obese for years and have never gained it back. Actually, with SCS I have lost another 8 lbs for a total of 75 lbs lost. I’m 65, 5’4 and 122 lbs. Size 2-4 White House Black Market. Used to be a 1X at The Dress Barn, I know I will never shop there again.

The new version of the book is so great, and I wanted to share my favorite part so far. I found the “Feelings List” on page 89 pure gold. I’m sure I read this before, but this time it jumped out at me. I often can not feel my feelings, and the ones I tend to go to is anxiety and hunger, and I noticed neither is on the feelings list.

Seeing all those real feelings listed in categories is perfect. I made a picture of the list and put it on my phone on my desktop when I am feeling something I go through the list and find the feeling ..do the models and feel the peace ..Perfect. Tattoo Margaret