Feelings of desire

I have noticed in several of my models that the feeling of desire (for me) doesn’t create any action.  For example:

C: Dating
T: I want to be with a guy who I enjoy talking to
F: Desire
A: I fantasize about guys I could be with, I remember what it was like to be with a guy I could talk to, I relive memories of things other guys said, I create feelings of regret
R: I continue to want to be with a guy I enjoy talking to (basically – I fueled the desire).

Then I kind of just ruminate in this fantasy and all I feel is my unrequited desire. I do this A LOT.  I’m trying to think of a better emotion here. Really, I want the result of the model to be that I am dating a guy who I love talking to.

C: Dating
T: I can’t come up with a thought, I’m stuck because all I can think about is that “I’m being too picky and I should be happy with what I have”
F: Determined? Open? Motivated? Connected? (I don’t know!)
A: Find a guy I love talking to by going on dates and actually talking to them
R: I am with a guy who I love talking to

Insight is appreciated!!