Feelings of restlessness and dread on a Sunday EH

I often wake up on Sundays and feel dread and anxiety. I know that I am avoiding something and I typically have planned out unstructured time on a Sunday to help clear my mind and care for myself. Are the models below the right path to take?

C: Sunday
F: Dread
A: avoid feeling, buffer with food, books, shopping, worry about COVID-19

I think that the T is: This week is going to be hard. I don’t know what emergency might hit, or who will be mad at me –> I hate my job.

The intentional model would come from separate thoughts, and I was working through them this way:

C: Sunday
T: My life is easy
F: easy
A> show up, go through a planned process, care for myself
R: I make it easy for me

C: Sunday
T: This is a challenge. It is supposed to be. I’m excited for what my email may bring. It isn’t boring
F: excited
A; structure and schedule time to care for myself and approach email and the week in the same way every time
R: My life is not boring. I am excited to see what is in the inbox

T: I can do anything and I can love myself no matter what
F: resilient
A: Write out my plan, find the story I want to tell, schedule my work
R: I do whatever I want, loving myself no matter what