Feelings of Scarcity

Hi Brooke,

Tonight I watched the first Money call under Money in the Assets tab of SCS.
I have already worked through all the videos for the money program. In doing the worksheets I was able to organize some of my thoughts I have about money. I realized I feel a lot of scarcity, which leads me to difficulties being generous with money. I know these thoughts build barriers to making more money.
I want to make more money by creating more value in the world, but I am having a hard time of thinking outside of the corporate world I am in now. I don’t feel very stimulate by the work I am doing and I think that is keeping me stuck. I applied for another job recently that I feel would stimulate my creativity, but I turned it down when I found out the pay was significantly less than I am making now. After watching the video tonight I wonder if I made the right decision. I want to learn more about how I go about creating a positive money mindset. I don’t know how to break down my old values and beliefs. Do I just start putting new thoughts into the T line until I start to believe them? Thanks so much for all your help,