Feelings of shame

I am dealing with thoughts that cause me to feel shame m. The more I observe my thoughts, the more I see how often this comes up- it’s like a loop in my head. Is it possible that shame can be an indulgent emotion? Could I just decide that I wont feel that anymore. It feels so justified or is that just my brain playing it’s games? When I feel it, could I just tell myself ‘thought error’?

Here’s a model I’ve been working with
C work
T I did something wrong. Other people are upset. They think I’m a bad person
F shame/embarrassment
A retract and stay away
R perpetuate belief’ ‘I’m not good enough’

New model
C work
T mistakes happen. It’s part of being human. It’s ok to be me. I can’t control other people’s thoughts about me.
F accepting
A deal with issues on hand
R emotional adulthood. Live my truth