Feelings of Uselessness

I have a client who is a nanny. Over the summer she had both her knees replaced and gained 20lbs. during her recovery. I have been coaching her on her feelings of uselessness and not getting too far with it. I am using the model and having her allow the feeling of uselessness come up to see whats going on. Funny thing is, I fractured my foot in October in 3 places and the severity of it has put me off my foot for about 12 weeks, 100% off my foot. Well, the ironic thing is NOW I had a vague sense of uselessness for the past 2 days and noticed I was over eating, a bit. I did catch myself and started to download my thoughts. I am working through my feelings at the moment and the beauty of it is I am understanding what she went through. I told her about my feelings and her remark was “well, good luck”!
This comment made me feel as if she is not interested in dealing with her own feelings of uselessness.

Can you give me some insights into this? Blessings