Feelings overload! Am I doing this right?

I am a new coach and new to getting coached. After a year of buffering I decided a couple weeks ago I would join scholars and another program to help me personally and professionally. In the weeks that I was saving money to enroll I had tons of light bulbs going off and was very excited for the steps I was making and the change that was waiting for me. I’m still very excited to be doing this work however the last couple of days I feel like I’m feeling low energy and sadness. Doing the workbook with scholars is pulling ugly thoughts and feelings out of me and I’m starting to question if I’m doing this work right. I’m confused as to where my confidence and high energy went. Focusing on these hard things coming up for me seems to make it harder to get back to my good place. Sitting with these feels makes me afraid that I’ll be stuck in my hard times for awhile longer. I spent years of my life in depression and I don’t want to go back to that place.