feelings + taking action

So I’m really playing around with the relationship to feelings + actions. I love Brooke’s emphasis (especially of late on her podcast) around not switching to a new thought simply to feel better, but allowing yourself to feel what you feel fully, and not be afraid of it. I struggle with feelings of unworthiness around my work (but I also genuinely feel excitement, openness and love at times — they switch back and forth between unworthy to worthy, and also other more in-between feelings). In my current intentional model, my desired feeling is WORTHY + SEXY, and this morning, I did a quick model on how I feel, and the feeling is UNWORTHY + TIRED. Should I just let myself feel that, and take the actions anyway. Or should I buck up and energize myself towards feeling worthy, and then take action? I could do either — I’m just wondering which would be best for my honest evolution towards being someone able to feel whatever they feel + show up fully for my life. Thank you in advance for your feedback!