Feels like something has gone wrong

Hi there. I’m 5ft38. I lost about 10kg since I started scs in May. I eat 2 meals a day no flour/ sugar.
It actually seemed really easy until this month when I made my September goal to lose the last 1.5 kg and reach my goal of 55kg.
I thought it would be simple and almost looked for a harder goal because the weight loss seemed a done deal.

But since then it feels like it’s just turned into a battle. Today I weigh 57.8 so I’m actually up from sep 1st.
I’m frustrated and I feel like I’m in diet mentality. Every day i weigh in and feel frustrated. I do models to feel determined and focussed but then overeat later on.

It’s like putting a time limit on weight loss has made it feel like a diet.

The main reason I joined scs was to try to stop the constant obsession with weight loss and food. I want freedom and to move onto other goals and I feel like I had it until the last month.

I don’t want to give up on the goal of getting to 55kg but I also don’t want to ruin things for the sake of 2 kg.

What should I focus on?