Fellow commented on my post

I posted on Instagram today and mentioned a concept I came up with. A coach I admire commented and said that she had never heard it explained that way before. I immediately felt protective and anxious. She has 10x as many followers as me and I am worried that she’ll teach the concept as her own. She’s a business coach, but is currently running a short term offer that’s more related to my niche (perfectionism). I’m feeling protective of that too. I don’t want other people to do what I do because I think they’ll do it better.

A coach friend of mine said this coach I admire did that with her content in the past, so maybe this stems from me thinking that’s true and that it will happen to me. This is just interesting to me. I know I feel a lot of scarcity in the coaching business in general. I feel like if I’m not original, no one will buy from me. I don’t think I’m original at this point. (That’s so all or nothing. Either I’m original or I’m not.) This shows up with me changing my IG bio and niche often to try to stand out. It shows up with me avoiding posting and selling altogether even though I’m a great coach and could help people. On the one hand, I feel like we’re all recycling each other’s ideas and that’s just how life is, but on the other, I don’t want to plagiarize or be plagiarized. I want to get and give credit for ideas. I guess I get that from many years of honors English classes haha.

So what if she teaches my idea without crediting? What does that say about me? And her? Does that REALLY take something away from me? What am I trying to protect? Am I crediting? This is all hypothetical. She hasn’t even done anything yet. Why did my brain go here? Anyway, what do you see here Coach? Lots of thoughts haha.