Felt “Picked on”

I went on a girl’s trip with my sister-in-law and some of her friends. I like these ladies but I noticed they kept throwing what seemed like intentional “jabs” at me for no apparent reason. What I mean is that I did not provoke them. I’m a positive person that dishes out genuine compliments not insults. I like to build others up not put them down.


Her: “Your sweater is ugly- it needs to go to goodwill.”
My reply: “I love it, it’s comfortable – I think I’m going to wear it MORE often.”

Her: “You wear too much make-up.”
Me: “Well, we can’t all have as nice of skin as you do.”

Her: “You need to spend more for lululemon leggings.”
Me: “No, thanks. I love the ones I have now!”

I liked all of my replies. I didn’t stoop to their level. But I find myself curious why the heck they would act like that? Why be a “mean girl?” I don’t get it. They are mostly sweet but those comments just rubbed me the wrong way and I am confused on why they felt the need to attempt to put me down.

Anyway, since I choose my thoughts now I’m second-guessing myself. Maybe I overanalyzed the situation but it felt like intentional put-downs.

C-told my sweater is ugly.
T-well, that was rude and unnecessary.
F-hurt and confused.
A-tried to pretend it didn’t bother me.
R-ruminate over it. Second guess my own thoughts.