Few protocol questions

Hi Brooke,
I’ve lost 10 pounds staying on protocol and I have 2 more to reach my goal. I eat at 2pm and 6 pm and have coffee with milk in the morning. Lately I noticed that I am full before I finish my meal (10 oz veggies, 2 tbsp fat, 6 oz lentils or 2 egs or other protein). I feel hunger before 2 pm but I let it be there. What is better to do if I feel full in the middle of my meal? don’t finish or make my eating window longer? If you recommend to make my meal smaller then is it better to eat less protein or less veggies (both?).
I also have a question about a joy eat. If I decide it to be nachos in the cinema, do I eat them instead of one meal or is it added to my regular protocol?
What kind of milk is better to drink with coffee – 0,5%, 2% or 3%?
I feel amazing since I stopped eating sugar and flour, sleep better, think clearer, my skin looks healthy!
Thank you,