Fiance is not enjoying my coaching program

Hi Brooke! I have been a long time listener of your podcasts and I finally signed up this month for your self-coaching scolars program and i am loving it. So, THANK YOU first and foremost for creating such a wonderful program. My fiance loves your podcasts as well and he is an avid listener as well. Since i started your program i have been applying it to my every day life and it has been going beautifully. UNTIL i started using it with my relationship with my fiance. I tried to use the model on a few small fights we had and that annoyed him beyond belief. He said he is tired of me constantly asking him how he feels about stuff and he does not like feeling like i am “coaching him”. I am not trying to coach him at all, i am just trying to utilize your valuable advice and model. I am very frustrated because i know we can improve our relationship and resolve issues we run into with your model, but he is refusing to even give it a shot. Any advice you have is much appreciated. Thank you!!