Fifty Percent

Hi Brooke, Marianne here. I have just listened to your 50% theory. I lost my weight before Ray became ILL. It is true I am experiencing the 50% negative right now. There is no doubt about that. I find the need to buffer with food is compelling. I don’t want to feel the negative aspect. It is amazing how food fills the gaping hole and the temporary fix tells my brain that it’s okay. My rational self knows it’s buffering. I tell myself this is the opportunity of this lifetime to experience the negative consciously. It is difficult not to draw pleasure from food when pleasure is thin on the ground. The negative is not pleasant but it is equally part of life. The learning is about accepting and feeling. It seems like there is a thin membrane (membrain) between understanding that the two aspects are part of a whole thing. One holds the other and vice-versa. I want to get this concept.