fight with boyfriend

So my boyfriend has these panic attacks whenever he has to do something challenging.
Most of all, he has to do the taxes and he always hated it and now he hates it more because he is a freelance photographer and he doesn’t know how and where to do things. So instead of being calm, he just panics. like really heavy breathing etc.
he has that from his mum!! Although he hates it when she does it, he also has it.
So today I wanted to help him but he wanted to get crazy and panic. Ugh, and I screamed at him after awhile which lead to me leaving the room screaming and imitating him.
I just think he’s exaggerating and he should just grow up and get himself together, breathe and find out how to do things.

I see that my thoughts are pretty angry and judgmental.
but I think he should learn and not exaggerate!!


c: boyfriend says he doesn’t know what he should do with the taxes
t: omg, calm down and find out how to do this shit
f: angry, pissed
a: screaming at him how to do it
r: both angry at each other

How can I change that?
I just can’t seem to have compassion for this shit.

thanks so much