Fighting with husband

I haven’t had a fight with my husband in weeks. We used to fight all the time… and now that I’ve worked on myself it is much less (I am so grateful for that.). But last night we had another intense old-school fight where it ends up being about any issue since we’ve been married. It’s just awful and full of anger/rage. It started out as a miscommunication about dinner but…. He smashed his phone and I left the house to go for a walk.

I want to fix things like usual which means I give in and apologize. But he never apologizes to me.. and always blames me for his behavior.
And I’m disappointed that I was acting obnoxiously and started the argument by being manipulative (which is learned behavior from my parents).

I don’t want these fights to occur anymore and I feel like it’s my fault they happen. I am aware I am doing it as it is happening but I have no control to stop myself at this time. Thanks for your help.