Fighting/loosing self coaching skills when tired

Dear Brooke, my life has improved so much since following your work, but sometimes I fall down. This week I had huge upsetting fights – one with my husband, one with my son. There were reasons to argue but I overreacted, cried shouted said things I regret etc. I didn’t manage to pause and collect myself and decide deliberately how I wanted to act and feel. This happens when I feel tired, run down and “brittle”. When I look at my thought downloads for this week my first thought is always “I’m so tired”. I’m a stay at home Mom to young kids and by 5pm each day I am struggling to keep my sh** together. I don’t feel so much overwhelmed as very depleted. I’ve tried to do thoughts with tired as the feeling but it feels like a C. Do you have any suggestions how I can interrupt myself jumping to fighting and lashing out? I want to decide never to do that again 😞