Figuring out if I’m in the right class

Help! I’m confused how I should go about becoming a coach through you.

I’m currently a weight loss coach. I write meal and exercise plans and help clients lose weight. I have loved it, but I really want to expand my business into live coaching and weight loss. The missing piece in my practice is overcoming emotional eating, and understanding how and why the brain sabotages our efforts. I want to get to the root of the problem so I can help clients long term. And I love your approach, your ability to “dumb down” the science so it’s more applicable to clients. I have become obsessed! Listening to all your podcasts, and getting my hands on all things Brooke! I recently joined scholars and have started watching the videos…I am anxiously awaiting the booklets 🙂

I digress… I’m wondering if it is best for me to start with Scholars to figure out the Model and some strategies before certifying as a coach through you. I want to certify as a coach through you and want to learn it all in the correct order.

Thanks so much! Love your work!