Figuring out who I am and what I want

Is there a course in here about figuring out who I am and what I want and being more decisive about it?

I am in a strange experience of my life right now where I’m 26 years old, and I am questioning how I’ve been showing up so far and if that’s what I really want. For the last 2 years, I swore all I wanted to do was be a life coach before anything else .. now I’m not so sure. I’ve made a few thousands and have blown my mind yet I keep asking myself “Is this what I REALLY want? Is this who I REALLY am?” .. the thing about me is I have so many interests.

I guess I could say one of my biggest dreams is to be a completely free content creator and make all my money with my creative projects .. I am starting to see coaching as more of one branch of the tree of that dream. I don’t know if I want to really “scale” my life coaching business that much anymore. So many people say I’m so good at it though, and that I’m being selfish for not scaling myself as a life coach.

It kind of feels like a sort of tug of war within. One part of me agrees with these people, and the other part of me does not want to be known as “the life coach” I want to be known as “ME.” I trust that makes sense?

Currently I am interested in so many things: health and wellness, mindfulness, dance, art, sexual expression, learning about being a gay man + gay culture, + potential opportunities I find along the way as an entertainer (MC’ing events which I’ve done, acting, collaborations with other infuencers)

I guess I want to be an influencer? But idk that title feels cringey for me. I feel like society has negative connotations around it. I’m just so interested in multiple things and influencer seems to be the closest thing to that.

Like maybe I can be an influencer who makes money with his content, opportunities/brand deals that arise, investing, dance/art, and coaching? I’m kind of spinning here, but the “North Star” I see for my future is just me doing what I love, when I want to, without being limited to any “profession” so to speak or business model.

I was wondering how I could use this program to gain more clarity on this topic, and if maybe there was even a course/worksheet/workbook/recording I could go all in on in the next month.