filing papers manual time!

My husband has paper files that he wants to go through in order to retrieve certain files to put in the safe. My manual for him is it is his paperwork and he should do it.

Also, I can’t stand looking through his files because they are terribly unorganized, much of it could be thrown away, etc. While he is watching TV or losing himself in social media he could do this. I am willing to help only if he does it with me so that we can find the files he wants and also clean out old files.

He keeps insisting that I go through and find the files he wants. I am aware that I am pushing him to do it my way but he is also standing ground on doing it his way.

I am trying to not make this a problem but I am. I really do not want to do what I think he should be doing. Why is he so insistent that I do this? We have been going back and forth with this and sometimes we have gone through his files together.

C – Sorting through my husband’s files in the file cabinet
T – We can look through files together to determine what to throw away, put in the safe or leave in the file cabinet.
F – Resentful (yikes)
A – Suggested he go through the files and find the ones he wants for the safe, get angry when he says I can just go through and pull out the ones I want, do not do what he asks, leave the files that are pulled for him to look through after he said he did not want to do it and will do it later, responded to his comments “You just need to go through and find the ones I want” with “Ok we can do this later when you want to.”
R – We don’t sort and pull the files.