Filled Up New Floor AC With Water

C Filled up new floor ac with water
T Oh no I can’t see and overfilled it my eyes again!? Something else maybe?
F anxiety
A kept taking pictures to see if I can “see” that the water reservoir is filled up. Must have not been able to see it because the water started leaking out into the bottom tray. I quickly got a bunch of towels to soak up the water. Lots of thoughts reminding me this morning about my horrible eye situation having also experience all morning other similar situations where my eyes created other situations. Some thoughts of why did you do that? Physically kept sighing and rushing
R Being hard on myself and creating more stress.

Interrupted the model:
T I am learning about how this works and need to come up with some way of me being able to see the water level line.
F resourceful
A Accomplished getting all the water soaked up with the towels. Some more fleeting thoughts about how my eye situation is something I will need to continue to deal with ALWAYS and I can not change that and will still need to develop more skills in doing things. Took some deep breaths to focus and slow down. Took different pictures with my phone again and showed to my husband (before and after pictures) He was having a hard time seeing where the line level was too but noticed that the second picture slightly moved and he saw the water “bubbling moving” by a line and said that is where the water is filled too. Thought about how glad (husband was there to help) and I can now use a resource successfully in determining when the unit needs water again. I will take a video so I can see the water moving by the line. Was glad to know that the water level hadn’t fallen really that much since using the unit for 5 – 6 hours yesterday. This is good news!
R Interrupted my model successfully and managed my emotions well.