Finally FEEL love for myself

Recently I had been struggling with a few cases of painful rejection/loss .

From time to time Brooke has said (when coaching) that she is surprised when people don’t love her, because she knows she is wonderful. That feeling sense about oneself had been so elusive to me, until this morning

I finally found a few inherent personal attributes that I absolutely love and respect about myself, and it has really helped me. It gave me a feeling of love inside my body for myself. Never had this before. For me, they are: I love that I embrace all people (I am a “street person”). I love my kind of brilliance. I love my mystical sense on life. I love how much I love. I love that I see the brilliance in others. I love that I have struggled so much with painful thoughts and feelings and results, because they reflect a very important component of the complexity of the human mind and evolution. And it helps me relate to so many people. I love these unique attributes of me.

And now I am able to say- oh, they did not see the brilliance that is me Oh that’s all,thats OK.

Hope it sticks because this is a game changer for me

(BTW this follows on the heals of working on changing my perspective on the past)