Finally getting to an Intentional model

For over a year I have been doing models and being coached and submitting to ask a coach on this topic. I am almost there in getting the “feeling” and beliefs that are best for me and my family so here is my intentional model. The part that is still nudging me is that I still want to change what and how the board is doing and still have a belief that this can be done because I was able to do it years ago when I made progress being on the board. I do not want to be on the board again because I have served and just want to enjoy my life. From my actions, you can see that I have had success in viewing and dealing with this so that I and my family do not suffer. My mind feels like it is about 60% yuck and 40% good.

C -Changes being made at the condo association
T- I am almost there accepting my circumstances with the condo association
F -Relief
A -Discuss this topic with coaches, ask a coach, do models and thought downloads. Having success with communicating with management and board members with emails and actual live talking on the phone! Attending board meetings and speaking up. Not sharing specifics with my husband or asking his advice (this has helped immensely for our relationship). Not thinking negatively about how they are doing their job, or that they have hidden agendas, or doing something illegal. Still do not agree with a lot in how they are doing things. Do express my concerns and opinions for my specific needs. Research more information on the facts (vacation rental laws, budget, codes, etc.) Did outline how to start an owners/renters Zoom meet up every other week to discuss how there can be better-organized communication and spoke to one neighbor about it already. Not sure I will follow through with this or not? Not remunerating as much. Noticed that when I remunerate it is usually not specifically wanting them to change something (even though I believe that some changes are not good for my family and the community) but just simply needing and wanting more effective communication and not waiting for so long to get a response. I am persistent and do not give up on getting an answer and resolution or update. Not taking legal or accusatory “bitchy” action.
R -I am being authentic, confident, and getting information that I have needed from this situation and am recognizing the 50/50.