Financial Analysis

I work in finance and have to do a lot of financial analysis, but it’s not that in depth. Recently, I started a job where I’m using a financial software package that has a lot of capabilities that I’ve never used in any role prior. I’m feeling intimidated by the program and that I don’t know enough to make an awesome analysis using many of the features. Basically, I’ve always been very insecure about my financial analysis capabilities because I work in commercial lending and not in private equity or equity trading where analysts are much more skilled. I’m always comparing myself to them even though I don’t actually know if I’m so much worse than them. I have a lot of math insecurity and have since a young age. When it’s time to do the financial analysis, it’s a part of the work that I dread and I would like to feel more empowered around the task.

C: Starting a new credit and need to complete a financial analysis
T: I’m going to screw something up in this model
F: Dread
A: Avoid doing the model, get scared when it’s time to put my analysis into the memo, tell myself I’m always missing something in the model, chide myself for not being smart enough to be a better financial analyst, put off doing all the analysis related tasks, don’t give myself credit for the work I’ve already done that shows I can do analysis, procrastinate and fall behind in my work
R: Make my job more unpleasant than it needs to be