Financial Stress Panic!

My brain is freaking out, and has been for a bit. A bit of context- I started a coaching business 3 months ago. From then till now I have made 4750 usd. Covid happened and I wasn’t working for 2 months. I now have a PT Job where I will make between $1200-$1500 a month which is enough to cover my expenses. If I lost that job I have enough savings for 4 months, 0 income. Those are the facts.

On the other side, I want coaching to be my full-time job so I keep having thoughts like-

I’m not making money fast enough
It’s going too slow
I should be making money faster
This is so hard
If I don’t get this off the ground, I’m going to die
It’s not working

I’m working on my own business coaching, but I wanted to tackle the money part here. Specifically, how can I detatch from these thoughts so I can be more at peace financially? I don’t want to have the pressure on my business to be the number one money-maker right now. It doesn’t help the way I show up in my business. And also I know that factually I have enough money and I can take care of myself.

I want to feel at peace and ease financially, and know that my PT job is taking care of me so I can focus all of my extra energy on serving and learning business stuff.