find freedom during a lockdown situation

Lately I’m feeling quite stressed. Last week I was quarantined during my birthday week. A friend of mine tested positive for Covid and because we met the week before two days in a row, I had to stay inside and get tested. After waiting a few days, and being inside my house (alone) I got the result that I was tested negative. Good news, but I did not feel very relieved. I feel stress is building up more and more during these times. The things I did to get energy and strength before corona (hobbies) are not happening anymore and it seems we are moving towards a lockdown again. I find it difficult to keep positive about is, since I don’t meet new people, I have no real things to look forward to and it seems taking action to change things is a lot more limited and more difficult. I seem to cannot really find the things to find new energy. How can I find a bit of freedom during a corona lockdown situation?