I find work blah but coffee really helps

Hi Brooke 🙂

1. When I’m finding my work blah, a job that I enjoy usually, you know the typical 50% of emotions that aren’t going to be pleasant, I noticed some iced coffee really helps. Like truly changes my mood. And the days I’m well-rested I’m like bring it on work. Is my mood being dependent on how I physically feel really just a thought pattern this whole time or actually something that is persuaded by my physical strength?

2. Could you please help me on this one:
C – Monday at work
T – blah soooo boring today
F – bored and unmovtovated
A – still Do my work
R – product takes longer and probably not great quality

C – it’s Monday at work
T – I GET to work. No work is above or below me. Let’s see how I can blow my own mind today
F – hell ya let’s do this kind of feels
A – I work focused
R – great reports and high quality

For my thoughts, I can also tell myself how proud I am, how I’m making a difference, how un-minimal my work is, that my work is important etc etc. is this all the right path?