Finding a better thought around my daughter’s anorexia

My 18 year old daughter has anorexia. She has been in and out of recovery centers and is working hard at her treatment. It is slow going for me and I see her taking steps backward. I know she has a very good chance of recovery and has excellent care. But I’m finding it hard to have a good attitude around this. I can’t find a positive thought to change my feelings and actions. I know she can sense my anxiety and it is creating a lot of tension between us. I want to feel empowered and hopeful. Brooke would say this is exactly what is supposed to be happening and I need to learn from it, and that life is messy. I know I can’t control my daughter and make her eat, so what thoughts will free me from anxiety that has stopped me from going forward in my life.

I seem to have let my life stop and I’m waiting for her to get better. I can’t seem to work at my job because I am anxious all the time.

I know this is not a good plan. She is not responsible for my happiness.

Thank you.