Finding A Better Why

I have why’s that aren’t getting me up in the morning. I want to negotiate with my schedule and goals. What exercises should I be doing to get a deeper why? Just brainstorming it?

When I am awake my why’s for certain results feel true and resonate. When I am waking up I get zero emotion.

Having an awesome “why” doesn’t relieve us from managing our brain. We must remember that we can have a really compelling why…and still not want to get up in the morning, still not want to create that course, still struggle to make that sales call sometimes. This is just what brains do.

Remember, that same brain that created your “why” is also the same brain that really, really values comfort, ease, and safety. This is not a problem.

Sometimes we think we need to change the “why,” when we really just need to keep going and keeping our commitments to ourselves.

When you put your “why” as a C, what are your thoughts about it?

Check in with yourself and honestly see if you like your reason for your goal – your why. You might also enjoy “Make Your Ideas Reality” located in the Study Vault under Coaching Tools.