Finding a good ‘circumstance’

Hey coaches

I believe I’m doing well with thought work around specific C’s. I can see the effect of my current thinking and can work on changing it, where needed.

But, I am finding it hard to work on thoughts which are related to more vague C’s.

E.g. Can work well with: person said x, the past, this thing happened, this thing is going to happen, etc.

Then I have T’s which cause ‘undesirable’ F’s which I can’t place to a C:

Something bad is going to happen to ‘ruin this’
My life is so awesome, I should be happier
I’m feeling restless and I should be relaxing
I can’t relax
I know thought work yet I can’t figure this out
I’m feeling X and I shouldn’t be.

I see that I am feeling certain feelings and resisting them. But finding it hard to use the model to work on this without the C.

Can you help me see what I am missing?