Finding a helpful model

I’m trying out different unintentional models to see what’s helpful to understand what’s going on for me right now. I have a job that I always get praised in and told how valuable I am. But my thoughts tell me the complete opposite. I’m also not sure what result/intentional model I want or what the result in my model is other than to ‘feel better about it all’ which is a feeling/thought not a result?!?

C – I have a job
T – my job is tedious, I don’t want to do it, I hate managing people, I am bored of it
F – apathy
A – get on with it anyway
R – get job done

C – I have a job
T – my job brings negative feelings and I can’t cope with them
F – fear
A – get on with my job anyway
R – get job done

C – I’m having thoughts about my job
T – these are unhelpful thoughts and I have no idea what to do with them
F – confusion, overwhelm
A – ruminate,
R – ? (Not sure, I get on with life, just with negative thoughts running around, but everything still gets done)

Intentional model:

C – I’m having thoughts about my job
T – it’s ok to have thoughts, they’re just thoughts, nothings gone wrong here
F – calm
A – get on with job
R – job done without mind drama

Any thoughts on different ways of looking at this would be great, as none of these feel particularly helpful right now so wondering if I’m missing something.