Finding a husband

I want to get married and have children, however one of my criteria makes it hard to reach.

I want to marry a man of the same religion as mine, so that I can share practices with our families and educate our children with those values. I’m afraid that someone of a different religion will judge, question, and mock everything I say or do regarding my faith  just like my ex- boyfriend did.

I think I either have to reinforce my belief in meeting a good match, or work on my brain to accept someone with a different spirituality.

On the latter, here’s my model:

C: Dating a man of different religion
T: I fear of being judged for my beliefs that may seem irrational for someone of a different religion
F: desperate
A: I’m not open to the men that seem interested in me, I hide most of my beliefs when dating, I swipe left on dating apps on men that are my type because what’s the point, I decide to give up
R: I’m still not married