Finding a life that is more exciting than food…

Hi Brooke,

I joined last month and although I haven’t lost a pound (I may even have gained a few) I have chosen to not be harshly judgemental and approach the progress I have made (both with mistakes and successes) with curiosity and compassion. This has not been easy but I refuse do anything but continue with my commitment. I have found two questions that continue to bubble up:

1) I know I want my life to be more than just about eating and working on my relationship with food. I don’t want food to be the highlight of my day and I can remember times in my life when this was the case (when my life was way more exciting than Oreos). However, I am having trouble figuring out how to create a bigger life right now.

I’m having success with being a better employee (I enjoy my work so much more) and time management (productivity equals morale 🙂 and improving relationships (my daughter and I have done so much better solely because of the changes I have made in my thinking about her). These changes have been wonderful, but I feel I have a bigger purpose in life. My impossible goal is to work for the Life Coach School in TX or remotely one day; but until then, other than continuing this work, I struggle to find the contribution and work I know I can offer the world. Can you help me with suggestions as to how to uncover what I can do to take action that will help my life be more meaningful between now and when I am ready to reach my impossible goal?

2) I have a similar issue in the area of finding a love relationship. I have been single for over 10 years. I am 46, successful, outgoing and have met many people over the years. I struggle to find a guy with whom I can connect. I can hear you saying “Can you go on 300 dates?” But I have gone on over well over probably 150 dates with basically the same results, which has led me to just stop dating and try to reassess. Can you offer any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thank you for providing a framework for so many of us to grow mentally and emotionally.