Finding another outlet to fuel my dopimine

Dear Brooke,
I was listening to a recorded call today and you were talking with a client and said something to the effect of replacing alcohol with something else to release dopamine. I think you were speaking of just something else that gives you a lot of pleasure in your life that you would not want anyone to take away from you. When thinking about this I couldn’t come up with one thought as to what that would be for me. Yes, there are things I enjoy but not things that would replace alcohol or that could give me the same amount of pleasure. Sure I like to knit, love hanging with my kids and grandchildren, I walk a couple miles a day when I can. I love to decorate my own house (not others) and I’m done with that project. I don’t work and don’t want to go back to work. I like yoga but hardly do it so I can’t love it that much. I find doing the SCS work so much is replacing some of the alcohol (but is that buffering or just love learning about myself)?So, I’m not really sure what that could be or even if I was understanding you correctly. If you could please clarify this I would appreciate it.