Finding a compelling reason behind my dream

Hi Brooke,

In today’s coaching call I plugged my own issue into the questions you asked when you were coaching Dana. If my calendar is perfectly filled in & I’m living in alignment to my calendar, what result would I be producing: A photography blog full of stories around travel, photographs, photography tips and personal story.

You then asked, “there must have been a part of you that didn’t want that very much for it not to have happened already.” I spent a lot of time thinking about this question and finding my reason. I came up with: It’s not meaningful enough. It’s not going to solve world problems. What’s the point? So what, who cares and who needs another photography blog on the internet. Just really negative thoughts which completely explains the resistance to producing a photography blog and sharing my photographs. This is the thought work I want to work on.

Here are some new thoughts I came up with as my WHY: If I was given the desire, it was meant for me to produce it. My dreams are important and seeing them come true is a good enough reason to do it. Dreams do not have to solve world hunger for it to be achieved. It’s possible that we are all here to achieve our own dreams and they are unique to each of us. The purpose of my life is to achieve my dreams and become the best version of myself. Wouldn’t it be fun to just do it because I love it so much?

So I will start thinking these new thoughts, putting time on my calendar to make it happen and feeling the anxiety all at the same time.