Finding compelling reasons

Hi Brooke,
I am new to SCS. I’m slowly moving through the bonus materials. Is almost 3 weeks in and I can already noticed the shift in my life. There is one thing I want to share before asking a question. Last week I asked for raise at work and I felt absolutely excited about it. In the past before joining the SCS, just thinking of it made me feel sick to my stomach and had stomach ache for a week. This is absolutely amazing!!!

Now my question: im doing this month homework and also focusing on the weight loss. In my protocol I’m using 42 hrs fasting 2-3 times a week. I’ve done fasting before, however the feeling got so strong that was hard to keep going and stick with the protocol. It did help to understand that feeling get stronger during fasting. I’m slowly working to identify these feelings and thoughts behind it. One think I am not able to find is my compelling reason. Every time I try to find one, I get nothing. I think this will be easier to stick with the protocol if I one.

Thank you!!!

Anna G