Finding Courage in spite of the circumstance

My husband has been diagnosed with advanced lung disease. This diagnosis came from the doctor just after Christmas. He was healthy, going to work everyday, we were kayaking together during the Fall months, and then there was a dramatic, rapid health decline. He couldn’t breathe, his oxygen levels dropped dangerously low and we barely made it through the holiday to his emergency appointment. It was not COVID. He went to two different places for testing and then a doctor to confirm that it was not COVID. He is now hooked up to constant oxygen, working from home as best he can for now, and every day is uncertain. We will continue to seek answers, consult with the best Pulmonary specialists, etc.

I was fully focused on school and the new beginning of my own business prior to this diagnosis and major life change. I am faced with handling everything on my own. We were trying to move to a new home closer to his office that will also offer me a home office for my business. I have some major decisions to make for me and for us. I don’t want to make fear based decisions. However, I also don’t want to take unwise financial risk. The bottom line is that I have to expect more of myself. I need courage to believe in myself. I need courage to take risk. I need courage to love unconditionally where I feel only anger and resentment at the moment. Here is my model:

C: Husband diagnosed with advanced lung disease.
T: I have to make responsible decisions for our future.
F: Scared
A: Think about the possible options, weigh the decision to move against the decision to not move, make lists, look for the worst case scenario, not having fun, not finding joy, not feeling hope, not working on myself, not building my business, staying in indecision, reacting to anger by throwing things, shutting down, not talking to anyone, leaning too much on my daughter, not self coaching.
R: Not taking responsibility for my own future

Any guidance on creating courage in the face of fear would be great . Thanks!  Also, this is the first time I’ve used Ask A Coach, so I’m not sure if I did it correctly.